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Auditions for our 2019 Pantomime, Aladdin written by Kei Bailey
It's nearly that time again and we are once again looking for our 2019 pantomime cast. This year we have two audition dates, one for our Dame and the other for the rest of the cast. But first a synopsis of the pantomime and also a character list.
The action is set in the East Peking suburb of Flung-Dung, the Western hills of China and desert plains of Egypt.
Wicked magician Abanazar has ambitions to become the greatest sorcerer of all time and with knowledge of a powerful genie trapped inside an old oil lamp somewhere in a cave in the Western Hills of China, he sets off on a quest to claim it. But first, he must find a young lad known as Aladdin who lives with his mother, Widow Twankey, at their family run laundry in Peking. Aladdin is the chosen one and only he can open the enchanted cave within which the lamp lies. However, the young lad isn’t interested in lamps he’s too busy avoiding arrest by Inspector Lau Zee and his hapless police force for fraternising with the beautiful Princess Ki-Lee.
Here is our character list...
Aladdin, our hero (male or female role)
Wishee Washee, his brother (or sister) (male or female role)
Widow Twankey (Lolita), their mother (male role - dame)
The Genie of the Lamp (male or female role)
The Spirit of the Ring (male or female role)
Abanazar, a villainous magician (male role)
Donkor, his slave (male or female role)
Jameela, a camel (male or female role – skin character played by two actors)
Princess Ki-Lee, our heroine (female role)
The Empress Pang Ting, her regal Grandmother (female role)
Felicity Upmore-Stoppidge, an English Governess (female role)
Inspector Lau Zee, a Chinese Officer, head of Palace security (male role)
PC (or WPC) Du Wan, his assistant (male or female role)
To go for one of our main roles, please come along on Wednesday 12th September 2018 at 7:45pm at Heckington Village Hall., please join our Facebook Event
Don't fancy being on stage, then why not join our backstage crew or front of house team, get in touch to find out more.

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