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Frankenstein - September 2019

Heckington Players ADS are happy to announce that they will be performing Frankenstein by Tim Kelly for their September 2019 production, which will be directed by Laura Griffin.

Victor Frankenstein, a brilliant young scientist, returns to his Swiss chateau to escape a terrible pursuer. No one can shake free the dark secret that terrifies him: not his mother, not his fiancee, nor his best friend. Even the pleading of a gypsy girl accused of murdering Victor's younger brother falls on deaf ears, because Victor has created a being from the remains of the grave. The Creature tracks Victor down to demand a bride to share his existence away from a creator and world that has rejected him - and soon the household will never be the same again.

Cast List:

Victor Frankenstein - a young scientist prone to lofty scientific aspirations. He is a brilliant, if slightly arrogant and aloof, a man who has a great moral weight on his shoulders.
Henry - The affable best friend of Frankenstein's, who is also a scientist. He is the more ordinary foil to Frankenstein, and as a result is a more understanding, emotional character to Frankenstein's cold objectivity.
The Creature - An artificially created man. The focus of the moral ambiguity of the play, he is both frightful and compelling, violently frustrated in being rejected by the world, yet naively hopeful of a potential future.
Elizabeth - Frankenstein's fiancee and the family's ward. She is a true Gothic heroine, whose devotion to Frankenstein is only equalled with her growing apprehension that there is something terrible unfolding.
Frau Frankenstein - Frankenstein's mother. A doting mother whose grief is placing her under a great deal of stress - although, as an echo of the Victorian age, you would barely know.
Ernst - An Inspector of the Police - as blunt and dry as is possible for a dutiful policeman to be.
Sophie - A hard-working housekeeper to the Frankenstein family, with great loyalty to the family
Justine - A gypsy girl, earnestness honest but has a potential for righteous anger when confronted with injustice

The show dates are:
Thursday 26th September 2019
Friday 27th September 2019
Saturday 28th September 2019

We have a read through on May 22nd for anyone who wants to see the script before auditions. This will be at Heckington Village Hall and starts at 7:30pm. Join our Facebook event here for more... Join Event

Auditions will follow on May 23rd at Heckington Methodist Church and starts at 7:30. Join our Facebook event here for more... Join Event



Sleeping Beauty - Panto 2020

Sleeping Beauty by Kei Bailey, directed by Jo Warrick and Colette Buchanan-Gray


When beautiful baby Princess Adora is born in the Kingdom of Dyspepsia, she looks set to have an idyllic life. However, at her naming ceremony, vindictive bad fairy Dark Ada gate crashes, and places a terrible spell on the innocent child in revenge for not being invited to the celebrations. The witch curses Adora with the prospect of death after pricking her finger when she turns twenty-one years old. Luckily, good Fairy Bliss is at hand to counteract the curse with a spell of her own, promising Adora will not die but fall asleep instead, until the day she is kissed by a handsome prince.

Many years later, with Adora’s twenty first birthday approaching, the Royal household prepare to protect their beloved Princess. But with Nurse Nellie, Dirk Dauntless and the other villagers of Much Belching busy organising the entertainment for the party, nobody notices Pimpleworm the sneaky goblin luring Adora to her fate at the hands of his wicked leader. The beautiful girl is tricked into using a spinning wheel and pricks her finger on the spindle, immediately sealing her fate, dooming herself and everyone in the palace to one hundred years of sleep. Fortunately, Prince Vincent is at hand to save the day.

Character List


Princess Adora (female, playing age late teens - early 20s) - Our heroine and the ‘sleeping beauty’ of the title. She is generous, sweet and pretty with a confident and spirited nature. She is a good friend and devoted to her parents. She can be a little naïve and sees the good in every one which might get her into trouble one day.

King Humphrey (male, playing age mid-40s – mid-60s) - Ruler of Dyspepsia and father of Adora, King Humphrey is kind-hearted but a bit of a bumbler and easily flustered. The news of his daughter’s curse causes him to become nervous and edgy and, as the years go by, this anxiety creates an irrational paranoia.

Queen Esmerelda (female, playing age mid-40s – mid-60s) - King Humphrey’s wife and Adora’s mother, Queen Esmerelda is as kind-hearted as her husband, but rather self-absorbed and frivolous. She is ostentatious and flashy, flaunting her wealth by spending it on loud and garish items. She could be described as being a bit ‘bling’.

Prince Vincent (female, playing age mid-20s – late 30s) - Principal boy and the hero of our story. Prince Vince arrives in Dyspepsia in search of some excitement and romance having travelled many miles from the Kingdom of Humdrum to escape his dull and boring life. He is handsome and charming, if a little vain and inflated. When there’s trouble brewing, he is gallant and daring but also hasty and volatile.


Nurse Nellie Nightingale (male, playing age early 40s – early 60s) - A traditional pantomime dame. Nellie is a nurse in the palace hospital at the beginning of the story, but is soon enlisted as Baby Adora’s nurse and nanny. Although she has no children of her own, Nellie is very maternal and is extremely protective of Adora. She is a flamboyant and colourful character who can be boisterous, immodest and tactless.

Dirk Dauntless (male, playing age mid 20s – late 30s) - Dirk is employed as Princess Adora’s bodyguard and protector soon after the curse has been placed on the innocent baby and, as Adora grows up, he also becomes her friend and confidante. Dirk is a bubbly, bouncy character who is lovable, cheeky and cheerful. He always has a mischievous glint in his eye and a big smile of his face.

Sir Alistair Blunt (male, playing age early 40s – early 70s) - As Lord Chamberlain, Sir Alistair is the senior official of the Royal Household and responsible for organising all court functions. Although pompous and self-important, his efficiency ensures palace affairs are run smoothly and with great aplomb. He can be scornful and condescending but is well-meaning and often benevolent.

Sammy Snivel (male or female, playing age early 30s – late 60s) - Sammy is the court jester and head of entertainment in the palace, but is highly unsuitable for the position. Cynical, an internal pessimist and always down in the dumps. Often tries out new jokes on people but comic timing is poor and material is uninspired. Morose, melancholic and moody, Sammy is the human version of Eeyore the donkey.

Rupert (two actors, male or female, any playing age, non-speaking) - Rupert is a pantomime horse and is Prince Vincent’s faithful friend and companion. He is playful and often disobedient, but is devoted to his master and will fiercely defend him.

Palace Hospital Staff

Doctor Wilbur Goodblood (male, playing age early 40s – mid 50s) - Chief medic in the palace hospital and the object of Nurse Nellie’s affections. He is intolerant and short with his patients, unless they are royalty or peers of the realm, in which case he is ingratiating and smarmy. He is egotistical and conceited, and likes the sound of his own voice.

Matron Clench (female, playing age early 40s – mid 60s) - Stern and brusque, Matron Clench won’t stand for any nonsense in her hospital. She has no patience with Doctor Goodblood and often puts him in his place. She is firm but fair, curt but caring.

Nurse Clavicle (female, playing age late 30s – late 40s) - Chloe Clavicle is brought in as Nurse Nellie’s replacement, much to the delight of Doctor Goodblood who turns on his charms when she arrives. She is enthusiastic and eager to please, but is scatterbrained and easily muddled. Although attractive, she often looks dazed and has a vacant expression on her face.

Magical Characters

Fairy Bliss (female, playing age mid 30s – late 70s+) - Good fairy and principal of the Charm Academy, a Finishing School for fairies. She is refined and pretentious and is constantly exasperated by her wards who don’t always behave as well-bred young fairies should. She has meticulous manners and scrupulous standards. She is mortified by Dark Ada’s bad form and is determined that she should get her comeuppance.

Dark Ada (female, playing age early 30s – late 40s) - Our panto villain - a fairy scorned and out for revenge. Glamorous and immaculate, yet vile and black-hearted, the magic powers she possesses are dangerous in her hands. She has a vicious tongue and malicious nature, but can be entrancing and alluring

Pimpleworm (female or male, playing age late 20s – late 50s) - A goblin and Dark Ada’s loyal servant, Pimpleworm is a slimy, conniving character with a wicked sense of humour. He grovels and creeps around his mistress in a cringe-worthy fashion, constantly seeking her approval, but often failing because she finds him foul and repulsive.

Auditions Details

Auditions are on Wednesday 19th and Thursday 20th June 2019 at Heckington Village Hall from 7:30pm. Auditions are for 16+ at the time of audition.

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