Here you can find out all the information needed should you wish to audition for any of our shows throughout the year. Please be aware that should you receive a part in a production then you will need to become a member, for information about this can be found on our Members and Patrons page.

Auditions for our 2018 Pantomime are now open.

Our 2018 pantomime will be Robin Hood and the Babes in the Wood written by Kei Bailey.

A Short Description

When their parents die, a young brother and sister called Hansel and Gretel are entrusted into the care of a distant relative, the Sheriff of Nottingham; an unscrupulous man eager to acquire the fortune left to the children that will pass to him if they should die. With this in mind, he arranges for Hansel and Gretel to be taken deep into the heart of Sherwood Forest to be left for the wolves. However, in an attempt to rescue the children, their nursemaid, Nanny Mangle, enlists the help of Robin Hood and his Merry Men to search and scour the forest they know so well. They are soon in hot pursuit but it is a race against time as Hansel and Gretel stumble upon a Gingerbread Cottage that holds dark secrets of its own . . .

The show dates for the panto will be on the 19th, 20th, 21st, 25th, 26th and 27th January 2018 with matinee’s on the 20th and 27th but you will be needed for rehearsals on Thursday nights as well as some Sunday's so please make sure you're free.

There are a range of parts available for next years pantomime and anyone can get involved. This year alongside the adult roles we have 2 younger speaking roles for the parts of Hansel and Gretel. Please see below for a full character list...

Character List

Robin Hood (played by a female or male actor, playing age 20 – 35)

The daring hero of the story, invested with a spirited sense of adventure. Calm, collected, quick-thinking and rather handy with a bow and arrow, Robin is the sort of person you’d like to have around in an emergency. Rather dashing and oozing with charm, Robin is everyone’s favourite outlaw.

Maid Marian (played by a female actor, playing age 20 – 35)

Although betrothed to Robin Hood, Marian certainly doesn’t live in his shadow. Sassy and smart, she’s an independent woman with a mind of her own. Feisty and resilient, she can look after herself in a fight, and can hold her own during a night out on the mead with the Merry Men. However, she still has a girly side in that she likes flowers and pretty dresses.   

Little John (played by a male actor, playing age 25 – 45)

Robin’s right-hand man is the rough and tough, Little John. Not the sharpest arrow in the quiver but what he lacks in brains he makes up for in brawn. He is a skilled fighter and a master with the wooden staff. Although he has a hard exterior, he does have a sensitive side. As a nature lover, he enjoys bird-watching and is always kind to animals. He is also a committed vegetarian.

Friar Tuck (played by a male actor, playing age 30 upwards)

A monk with a large heart and a large appetite. In addition to ministering to their spiritual needs, as camp cook the Friar makes sure Robin’s gang is well-fed. He enjoys sampling his own recipes and likes a glass or two of nettle wine whilst slaving over a hot cooking pot. He is also a keen amateur herbalist and, as an expert on the properties of different plants, makes potions and mixtures to treat the various ailments of the Merry Men.

Will Scarlet (played by a male actor, playing age 25 - 45)

Stylish and sharply dressed, Will Scarlet is the only Merry Man who insists on designing his own clothes. He’s a dedicated follower of fashion and is Sherwood Forest’s leading trend-setter. It is true though that he does struggle to maintain his strict hair and skin regime living the outdoor life. As a health fanatic, Will exercises daily and watches what he eats.

The Sheriff of Nottingham (played by a male actor, playing age 30 upwards)

The Sheriff is a greedy man. He would crawl over a row of hedgehogs if he thought there was a pot of gold waiting for him. The Sheriff, or Algernon to his friends (if he had any), is also vain, conniving and has very few principles. His wardrobe mainly consists of black clothes to compliment his black heart. He has been lumbered with two children of a distant relative and now reluctantly acts as their guardian.

Hansel (played by a male or female actor, playing age 7 - 13)

After the death of their parents, Hansel and his sister, Gretel, have been placed under the protection of the Sheriff of Nottingham who, as a distant relative, is their legal guardian. However, the Sheriff isn’t exactly thrilled to have them around and, to ensure he has as little to do with them as possible, has employed a nanny to look after them. Hansel is a cheeky chap with a mischievous sense of humour but is prone to being grumpy if he doesn’t get his own way.

Gretel (played by a female actor, playing age 7 - 13)

Although she loves her brother, Gretel can be irritated by his silliness and his tendency towards moods. She is a clever girl who can be sly and manipulative when the need arises. She likes pretty things and romantic stories and looks up to Maid Marian but she also can be a bit of a tomboy and enjoys being outdoors.

Nanny Mangle (played by a male actor, playing age 30 - 50)

Charity Mangle lives in the Sheriff’s household and is nanny to Hansel and Gretel. She has a firm but fair attitude to bringing up the children and, although she is strict, has an undeniable sense of fun. She enjoys her job however she dreams of being a famous writer and is in the process of penning her first children’s book. A reluctant spinster, Nanny Mangle sees herself as the most eligible lady around and is often recovering from a night on the town when she’s been out on the pull. She is flirty, flippant and fabulous.

Cara Loft (played by a female actor, playing age 20 – 40)

Cara is a maid and general dogsbody at the Sheriff’s country retreat, Bedside Manor. She is a bubbly and bouncy character who lives life to the full. Hansel and Gretel adore her as she can be immature and silly but she can also be decisive, brave and authoritative when a situation calls for it. Even though she’s not a man, she is very merry and dreams of one day joining Robin Hood’s gang.

Hernia Septic (played by a female actor, playing age 40 upwards)

Hernia, or Auntie Septic to her dim-witted nephew, Weasel, is a renowned old hag from the local village Much-Chipping-on-the-Enamel. She is a nasty piece of work with poor manners and dubious personal hygiene. Generally lazy and workshy, she is very money-motivated so if there’s an easy way of making some quick cash she’ll jump at the chance and kick aside anything that stands in her way including defenceless old ladies or cute little puppies.

Weasel (played by a male actor, playing age 20 – 35)

Weasel is a nitwit or, in other words, has the wits of one of the numerous nits nestled in his unkempt hair. He lives with his Auntie Septic and, although his incompetence is a constant irritation to her, he is her partner in crime. Desperate to be as vile and loathsome as his mentor, he enthusiastically volunteers for any task she sets but these attempts at villainy have a tendency to end in disaster. He is also quite smelly.

Fairy May McSquirrel (played by a female actor, playing age 25 upwards)

Fairy May is a dryad (or forest nymph) charged with looking after the flora and fauna of Sherwood Forest. With an efficient and overbearing manner, she can come across as bossy and stern however she is actually very caring and kind-hearted. She ensures the smooth-running of the forest and keeps everything in its place. She is often seen holding conversations with trees or toadstools, collecting funny-shaped conkers or enjoying a game of bridge with forest animals. Unfortunately, particularly for a fairy who lives in the forest, she has the misfortune of suffering from hayfever.

Caramella Marchpane (played by a female actor, playing age 30 upwards)

Caramella Marchpane is a wicked witch with a sweet-tooth. She is gleefully immoral, selfish and malevolent but that is where the witchy stereotype ends. She doesn’t have a crooked nose or warts on her chin, instead she is tremendously glamorous and decadent. She is an expert dessert cook and is delights in concocting supremely superior cakes and puddings. However, after years of eating nothing but sweets, she is tiring of the sugar rush and has begun to crave the taste of meat, more specifically of the human variety.

Sherbet (a puppet character played by a male or female actor)

As a young crow, Sherbet fell down the chimney of the witch’s gingerbread cottage. After being rescued from the cold ashes in the fire grate, the scrawny bird was bewitched by Caramella and became her familiar. With backchats and insults, he is disrespectful and insolent to his mistress but is ultimately loyal and devoted to her. He acts as her spy and can be as cunning and devious as she can.


Audition Sessions

We are having 2 audition days to allow as many people as possible to audition…

Wednesday 13th September at 19:30 - This is an adult only audition session.

Please join our Facebook Event here if you are planning to join us… Facebook Event

Sunday 17th September at 15:00 - This is a child only audition session.

Please join our Facebook Event here if you are planning to join us… Facebook Event

Sunday 17th September at 17:30 - for any adults who couldn’t make the Wednesday night session.

Please join our Facebook Event here if you are planning to join us… Facebook Event

Please do join the Facebook event as it gives us an idea on numbers to expect, we encourage as many adults who can, please come to the Wednesday session. Any who can’t then please come to the Sunday session. If you can’t make any of the sessions then please get in touch.

(Any children in our Youth Theatre will already be involved in the production.)


If you don’t fancy being on stage then why not give us a hand either backstage or on front of house. Due to our Pantomime being very big we need as many stage crew as possible to help out backstage, roles include looking after props, set changes, making sure the cast are ok and various other tasks. Or why not help us in the costume department by making or sourcing the right items to make each character stand out. If you can only give a little time then why not help on Front of House. This key team of people help run the bar, raffle and make sure our audiences are happy from start to finish.

If you fancy helping out or have any other questions or queries then please get in touch via our Facebook Page, Website or email us at

We can’t wait to see you.

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