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Our next Production will be ... Heckington Players ADS Youth Theatre presents: Rapunzel the Pantomime by Kei Bailey

Deep in the heart of a dark forest in the Kingdom of Snoozing, stands a lonely tower, home to Rapunzel, a beautiful young woman with impossibly long hair. She dreams of exploring the big, wide world she has read about in her books, but she has been imprisoned in the tower and forbidden to leave by her strict Aunt Grimelda, a selfish and vain witch.

Even the witch’s kindly servants, Hilda Hogwash and Tilly, are unable to persuade their mistress to free Rapunzel. However, one morning, while Grimelda is away on her travels, a handsome prince known as Lysander stumbles across Rapunzel in her tower and they fall helplessly in love at first sight. Prince Lysander vows to rescue Rapunzel and promises to return the next day with equipment so he can save her.

Meanwhile, in the nearby town of Sleepy Head, Swindell’s Travelling Circus has just arrived. Always ready to amaze audiences with an array of curiosities and wonders, when they hear tales of a secret girl with golden, magical hair hidden in the forest, they set off to find her so she can be added to their collection.


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