An Evening of Fantasy

Hell Wolves & Shadow Hawks + The Quest for Lord Qubble’s Custard written by Kei Bailey

Join the Heckington Players for an evening of fantasy themed entertainment at Hale Magna Hall, Great Hale on 26th and 27th May 2023.

The evening will include a special screening of the group’s lockdown film The Quest For Lord Quibble’s Custard and an exclusive live performance of their latest one-act play Hell Wolves and Shadow Hawks – which will be performed at the Hunstanton One Act Play Festival in July!

Cast List (in order of appearance) 
Theodwin Snirgog, a wizard – David O’Brien
Cassian Bloodbraid, a half-elf – Aaron Pettican
Brizando Gammidge, a dwarf – Callum Thomas 
Princess Olydia, a damsel in distress – Rachel Rowett 
Lobo Chinmud, a half-goblin – Callum Thursby 
Praxithea Wren, a dryad – Jules Jones 
Dilwynn Merrybrew, a dwarf – Jo Warrick 
Maughtild Naxxremis, a sorceress – Colette Buchanan-Gray 
Quinnata Mortlock, an elf – Laura Griffin 
Giffy Trolltoe, a half-gnome – Sue Fletcher  

Production Team 
Writer & Director – Kei Bailey 
Technical manager – Mark Elsom 
Costumes – Linda Wilson  
Hair & Make-up – Katie Calo 
Props – Matilda Wyatt 
Programme design & publicity – Callum Thursby 
Poster Design – Hannah Pilkington 
Bookings and rehearsal support – Joan Holloway 
FOH – Tamara Mills, Keith Baggley, Kelly Anderson & Aaron Hodgson 
Additional props and costumes provided by members of the cast   

Special Thanks to: Hale Magna Hall caretaker and committee, Heckington Players Committee and members, Stuart Wyle, Godfrey Barlow 

Production Photos


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