Jack and the Beanstalk (Pantomime) by Kei Bailey – January 2022

Jack and the Beanstalk by Kei Bailey

Heckington Players 2022 pantomime is Jack and the Beanstalk by Kei Bailey.

Show synopsis coming soon

Cast List

Jill Splinter – Amy Ash
Mitsy Twinkle – Laura Griffin
Chatty Chicken – Kate Sydney
Dame Tallulah Trott – Kei Bailey
Jack Trott – Amanda Rivers
Simon Trott – Aaron Pettican
Charles Toupee – Callum Thomas
Bernie Bragmore – Godfrey Barlow
Myrtle Turtle – Sue Porter
Delia Fishmould – Jenni Chamberlain
Septimus Fleshcreep – Dan Excell
Ammonia Splinter – Colette Buchanan-Gray
Samantha Grin – Kelly Anderson
Rosie Glow – Melanie Priestley
Sergeant Cockroach – Callum Thursby
Daisy – Tamara Mills & Sue Fletcher

Production Team and Crew  

Writer – Kei Bailey
Director – Jo Warrick
Choreographer – Debbie Savage
Producer – Mark Elsom
Lighting Design – TBC
Lighting Operator – TBC 
Sound – Mark Elsom
Stage Manager – Callum Thursby
Stage Crew – TBC
Scenic Painting – Patricia Mellett Brown & Anne Clayton
Set Construction – Mark Elsom
Props – TBC
Hair & Make up – Katie Calo
Cast Costumes – Jackie Taylor Johnson & Elaine Marshall 
Junior Costumes sourced and provided by – TBC  
Dame’s Dresser – Katie Calo
Youth Theatre Director – Kei Bailey
Youth Theatre Coordinator – Lynsay Mountain 
Chaperones –TBC
Poster Design Callum Thursby 
Box Office Manager – Godfrey Barlow
Front of House Managers – Sue Fletcher & Tamara Mills

Junior Chorus (Coming Soon)

Photos (Coming Soon)

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