Jack and the Beanstalk (Pantomime) by Kei Bailey – January 2023

Jack and the Beanstalk by Kei Bailey


Heckington Players 2023 pantomime is Jack and the Beanstalk by Kei Bailey.

The action is set in and around a town called Flummox in the Kingdom of Bamboozle and the magical realm in the sky known as Cloudland. 

The Trott family live a happy, carefree life until ruthless television executive Ammonia Splinter sacks Dame Trott and Jack from their jobs at Sunshine TV Studios. It isn’t long before they find themselves without a penny to their name and they reluctantly decide to sell the beloved family pet Daisy the cow to earn some money. However, when Jack’s brother Simon returns from market with the news that he has exchanged the cow for nothing but a bag of beans, the situation looks hopeless and, in a temper, Dame Trott hurls the beans out of the window. In the morning, a ginormous beanstalk is growing in their garden and Jack, encouraged by trainee fairy Rosie Glow, climbs up into the clouds closely followed by his mother, brother and a film crew from Sunshine TV. 

Cast List

Charles Toupee – Dan Poulson
Mitsy Twinkle – Laura Griffin
Dame Tallulah Trott – Kei Bailey
Simon Trott – Aaron Pettican
Jack Trott – Kim Rivers
Jill Splinter – Amy Ash
Rosie Glow – Jo Warrick
Bernie Bragmore – Godfrey Barlow
Samantha Grin – Kelly Anderson
Ammonia Splinter – Colette Buchanan-Gray
Septimus Fleshcreep – Julian Warrick
Myrtle Turtle – Sue Porter
Delia Fishmould – Jenni Chamberlain
Chatty Chicken – Callum Thomas
Sergeant Cockroach – Callum Thursby
Daisy – Sue Fletcher & Hannah Priestley

Production Team and Crew  

Writer – Kei Bailey
Director – Jo Warrick & Callum Thomas
Choreographer – Debbie Savage
Producer – Mark Elsom
Lighting Design – Mark Elsom & Callum Thursby
Lighting Operator – Colin Wilson
Sound – Mark Elsom
Stage Manager – Callum Thursby
Stage Crew – Matilda Wyatt, Hannah Priestley & Rob Cole
Scenic Painting – Patricia Mellett Brown, Anne Clayton & Katie Calo
Set Construction – Mark Elsom
Props – Matilda Wyatt
Hair & Make up – Katie Calo
Cast Costumes – Jackie Taylor Johnson, Elaine Wilson, Katie Calo, Lynsay Mountain & Linda Wilson 
Junior Costumes sourced and provided by – Elaine Wilson, Katie Calo, Lynsay Mountain & Linda Wilson
Dame’s Dresser – Katie Calo
Youth Theatre Director – Kei Bailey
Poster Design Callum Thursby 
Box Office Manager – Godfrey Barlow
Front of House Managers – Sue Fletcher & Tamara Mills

Junior Chorus

The Giants
Ellie • Natalie • Harvey • Ruby • Franky • Izzy • Isla • Eloise • Emily • Danielle • Jessica • Holly

The Beans
Matilda • Lilly-Rose • Poppy-Lilac • Lily • Amelia • Lola • Millie • Pippa • Grace • Liberty


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