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Past Productions

Here are some of our past productions – To find out more, visit our show archive by clicking each show poster.

Robinson Crusoe (Pantomime) by Kei Bailey – February 2024

An Evening of Fantasy by Kei Bailey – May 2023


Jack and the Beanstalk (Pantomime) by Kei Bailey - January 2023

An Ideal Husband (Live Radio Play) by Oscar Wilde – September 2022

Dying Out Loud (3 comedy plays with a twist) - May 2022

Sleeping Beauty (Pantomime) by Kei Bailey - January 2020

Frankenstein by Tim Kelly - September 2019

The Flint Street Nativity by Tim Firth - May 2019

Aladdin (Pantomime) by Kei Bailey - January 2019

Death by Fatal Murder by Peter Gordon - September 2018

Don't Get Your Vicars In A Twist -
May 2018

Robin Hood and the Babes in the Wood (Pantomime) - January 2018 

Wedding of the Year by Norman Robbins - September 2017

A Fete Worse Than Death by Richard James - May 2017

Dick Whittington (Pantomime) - January 2017

Confusions - September 2016

The Continental Quilt - May 2016

Puss in Boots (Pantomime) - January 2016

Are You Being Served? - May 2015

Cinderella (Pantomime) - January 2015

Nostalgia isn’t what it used to be – Arnhem 70th Commemorations (Variety Show)

Happiest Days of your Life - April 2014

The Frog Prince (Pantomime) - February 2014

Murdered to Death - October 2013

Cash on Delivery - May 2013

Jack and Beanstalk (Pantomime) - January 2013

The Wind in the Willows - September 2012

Prepare to Meet Thy Tomb - May 2012

The Sleeping Beauty (Pantomime) - January 2012

Aladdin (Pantomime) - January 2011

That’s Entertainment (Variety Show)

Allo Allo - Spring 2010

Mother Goose (Pantomime) - January 2010

Boobs and Bloomers (One Act Plays) - Autumn 2009

Welcome to the Cabaret (Variety Show)

Dick Whittington (Pantomime) - January 2009

Tiptoe Through the Tombstones
Clerical Errors
Robin Hood (Pantomime)
A Trio of Plays (One Act Plays)
When We Were Married
Woomerang & Night of Nostalgia (One Act Plays)
Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves (Pantomime)
A Royal Command Performance (Variety Show)
Fur Coat and No Knickers
Rumplestiltskin (Pantomime)
Maiden Voyage (Variety Show)
Jacques and the Beanstalk (Pantomime)
A Night at the Oscars (Variety Show)
Treasure Island
No Sex Please! We’re British
Aladdin (Pantomime)
Jubilee Variety Show (Variety Show)
The Inaccurate Conception
Cinderella (Pantomime)
A Night of Variety IV (Variety Show)
Habeas Corpus
Sleeping Beauty (Pantomime)
Not So Old Time Music Hall (Variety Show)
On the Hop
Snow White (Pantomime)
Trebles All Round
Not With a Bang!
Red Riding Hood (Pantomime)
A Night of Variety III (Variety Show)
Murder in Company
Sing a Song of Sixpence
1997 Variety Show (Variety Show)
Move Over Mrs Markham
Jack and the Beanstalk (Pantomime)
10th Anniversary Variety Show (Variety Show)
Panic Stations
Robinson Crusoe (Pantomime)
Roads to the Isles
Clerical Errors
Goldilocks and the Three Bears (Pantomime)
Coventry and Woomerang
A Night of Variety II (Variety Show)
Off the Hook
Dick Whittington (Pantomime)
A Night of Variety (Variety Show)
Fish Out of Water
Cinderella (Pantomime)
No Sex Please! We’re British
Mother Goose (Pantomime)
Tomb with a View
The Geese are Getting Fat
On the Verge
Aladdin (Pantomime)
Rock-a-Bye Sailor
Beauty and the Beast (Pantomime)
Keep Calm and Fishy Business
I’ll Get my Man
Jack and the Beanstalk (Pantomime)
Continental Quilt
Outpatients and George (One Act Plays)

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