Puss in Boots (Pantomime) – January 2016

Puss in Boots by Kei Bailey

Heckington Players 2016 pantomime was Puss in Boots written by Kei Bailey.

With nowhere to live and not a penny to his name, Tom and his pet cat are feeling low. Luckily for them, Tom’s best friend Treacle persuades her mum to take on a lodger and soon they are happily settled at Dame Victoria Sponge’s pet pamper parlour. Tom’s luck continues to change for the better when he meets the beautiful Princess Adele and they fall in love. Nothing seems to be able to spoil this happiness until the evil Ogre Lord Grimguts, who is terrorising the kingdom, has the Princess kidnapped. Tom must save the day but not without the help of his newly enchanted cat – the one and only Puss in Boots!


Cast List…

Tom Merridew, a charming and handsome young man down on his luck – Jo Moules 
Puss, his faithful cat –  Chelsey Barlow
Dame Victoria Sponge,  glamorous proprietor of the local pet pamper parlour –  Tom Lee
Treacle Sponge,  Dame Sponge’s daughter and Tom’s best friend – Kelly Anderson 


Uriah Kreepe, personal assistant and private secretary to Lord Grimguts – Kei Bailey 
Dipsey, Uriah’s dim-witted head henchman – Kate Sydney 
Mudflap, Dipsey’s silent second-in-command – Nathan Hughes 
Bunion, the hunchbacked head servant to Lord Grimguts – Simon Needham


King Archibald, the reluctant ruler of Codswallop – Matt Brown 
Princess Adele, his spirited youngest daughter – Mel Priestley 
Baroness Von Flytrapp, an arrogant socialite and noblewoman – Niki Thompson
Valentine Von Flytrapp, her spoilt son –  Craig Pakes 
Fairy Poppins, a magical being –  Kim Sands 
Bobby Dazzler, head stylist at Dame Sponge’s Pet Pamper Parlour – Matthew Coupland 
Marjory Manners, Mother Oak to the Woodland Wanderers –  Louise Ross 
Police Constable World, the local ‘bobby on the beat’ – Mark Spelman 
With Christian Slingsby as the voice of Lord Grimguts the Ogre


Juniors… (Click the Image to Enlarge)

Whiskers group:
Amelia Barlow, Rebecca Bell-McTiernan, Amy Brown, Emily Collins, Isabel Cottrell, Abi Dowding, Libby Dowding, Alice Eastwell, Jack Eastwell, Molly Graveling, Natalie Morgan and Tamisha Newell.

Paws group:
Ella Bryan, Emily Doughty, Lauren Griffen, Ruby Griffiths, Connor Jenkinson, Laurel Mountain, Regan Skinner, Callum Smith, Megan Smith, Holly Walker, Sian Webb and Holly White.

Crew List…

Writer – Kei Bailey
Director – Stuart Wyle
Choreographer – Debbie Savage
Producer / Sound – Mark Elsom
Stage Manager – Nicole Moore
Assistant Director – Louise Ross
Lighting – Malcolm Billing
Deputy Stage Manager – Callum Thursby
Assistant Stage Crew – Andrew Edgar, Jack Courtney & Elle Green
Props Mistress – Matilda Wyatt
Costumes Mistress – Jackie Taylor
Dame’s Costumes – Ann Grimshaw
Set Design and Building – Mac Maclean, Geoff Stead, David Nichols, Len Bridge & Malcolm Spring
Dame’s Dresser – Sophie Emmerson
Makeup – Anita Spring and Linda Wills
Chaperone – Helen Gordon
Box Office Manager – Tina Silkstone
Front of House Manager – Jo Keightley
Front of House – Jo Keightley, Tina Silkstone, Jo Marriott, Margaret Pye, Andrew Key & Alan Wills
Bar & Refreshments – John Drury, Paul Sharman & Ross Turpin
Raffle – Ann Drury & Julia Sharman


Here are a selection of images from the show…
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