Sleeping Beauty (Pantomime) by Kei Bailey – January 2020

Sleeping Beauty by Kei Bailey

Heckington Players 2020 pantomime is Sleeping Beauty by Kei Bailey.

When beautiful baby Princess Adora is born in the Kingdom of Dyspepsia, she looks set to have an idyllic life. However, at her naming ceremony, vindictive bad fairy Dark Ada gate crashes, and places a terrible spell on the innocent child in revenge for not being invited to the celebrations. The witch curses Adora with the prospect of death after pricking her finger when she turns twenty-one years old. Luckily, good Fairy Bliss is at hand to counteract the curse with a spell of her own, promising Adora will not die but fall asleep instead, until the day she is kissed by a handsome prince.

Many years later, with Adora’s twenty first birthday approaching, the Royal household prepare to protect their beloved Princess. But with Nurse Nellie, Dirk Dauntless and the other villagers of Much Belching busy organising the entertainment for the party, nobody notices Pimpleworm the sneaky goblin luring Adora to her fate at the hands of his wicked leader. The beautiful girl is tricked into using a spinning wheel and pricks her finger on the spindle, immediately sealing her fate, dooming herself and everyone in the palace to one hundred years of sleep. Fortunately, Prince Vincent is at hand to save the day.

Cast List
Prince VincentAmy Ash
Princess Adora Rachel Rowett
Nurse Nellie NightingaleKei Bailey
Dirk DauntlessAaron Pettican
Fairy Bliss – Colette Buchanan-Gray
Fairy SlumberHannah Prestley
Dark AdaJo Warrick
Pimple WormCallum Thomas
King Humphrey Julian Warrick
Queen Esmerelda Mel Priestley
Sammy SnivelStuart Wyle
Lady Alison BluntKelly Anderson
Dr. GoodbloodGodfrey Barlow
Matron ClenchMelissa Poulson
Nurse Chloe Clavicle Kate Sydney
Rupert the Horse – Sue Fletcher & Laura Griffin

Production Team and Crew  
Writer – Kei Bailey
Director – Jo Warrick
Associate Director – Colette Buchanan-Gray
Choreographer – Debbie Savage
Producer – Mark Elsom
Lighting Design – Mark Elsom & Callum Thursby
Lighting Operator – Oli Nevitt
Sound – Mark Elsom
Stage Manager – Callum Thursby
Stage Crew – Emma Griffiths, Tamara Mills, Brett Moore, Ashley Pope & Amy Wright
Scenic Painting – Patricia Mellett Brown, Anne Clayton, Katie Calo & Amy Wright
Set Construction – Mark Elsom
Props – Katie Calo & Amy Wright
Hair & Make up – Katie Calo
Cast Costumes – Jackie Taylor Johnson & Elaine Marshall
Additional costumes provided by – Jamie Marcus 
Junior Costumes sourced and provided by – Donna Elsom, Lynsay Mountain & Debbie Savage  
Dame’s Dresser – Katie Calo
Youth Theatre Director – Kei Bailey
Youth Theatre Coordinator – Lynsay Mountain
Chaperones – Donna Cottrell, Lynsay Mountain & Jackie Taylor Johnson
Poster & Programme Design – Callum Thursby
Box Office Manager – Godfrey Barlow
Front of House Managers – Sue Fletcher & Tamara Mills

Junior Chorus

Regan Skinner, Ruby Griffiths, Cara Gray, Jessica Gates, Franky Griffiths, Anneli Mountain, Holly Walker, Laurel Mountain, Lola Ruddock,Izzy Cottrell, Ellis Giles and Joe Hall


Francesca O’Brien, Alice Constantine, Amelia Barlow, Rhiannon Clarkson, Bethan Whiteman, Harriet Giles Bone, Natasha Priestley, Grace Doughty, Grace Whyment, Danielle Potter, Dylan Goddard and Finlay Coote

NODA Report of the Show… Click Here

Some photos from the show…

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Promo Video for the show

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