Aunty Elvis and the Bakery Heist (Radio Play) by Barry Wood – June 2024

Aunty Elvis and the Bakery Heist a radio play by Barry Wood, Directed by Kelly Anderson


Eager for a little more excitement in their lives, four friends from the WI decide to rob Greggs, the bakery, but beneath the surface, is there something more sinister going on? Elvis, aliens and secret society’s, this radio will take you on an adventure like no other. 

Cast List

Aunty Elvis –  Sue Fletcher
Maggie – Jenni Chamberlain
Sarah – Melanie Priestley
Tracey – Mags Lennard
Claire – Helen Jones
DCI Harper – Kim Sands
Detective Constable Byrne – Chris Matthews
Isobel – Katie Calo
John – Callum Thursby

Production Team and Crew

Director – Kelly Anderson
Writer – Barry Wood 
Stage Manager – Callum Thursby
Live Sound Effects – Kelly Anderson and Tamara Mills
Sound – Kelly Anderson & Mark Elsom
Lighting – Callum Thursby & Keith Baggley
Technical Support – Mark Elsom 

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