Dick Whittington (Pantomime) – January 2009

Dick Whittington by By Kei Bailey

Heckington Players 2009 pantomime was Dick Whittington written by Kei Bailey.

This year we will bring you the tale of Dick Whittington and his loyal cat Tommy. So join us for a magical and fun evening with a whole host of characters including Dame Sarah Stewpot, Idle Jack, the Fairies Glitz and Glamour as they help Dick to defeat the wicked Queen Rat and her hapless henchman Fester & Squirm.

Cast List…

Dora Bell, a Bow Bell Fairy Jo Marriott
Back Dora Bell, her sister – Tina Silkstone
King Rat, a villainous rodentSimon Needham
Dick Whittington, our hero – Christian Slingsby
Tommy, Dick’s feline friend Mel Priestley
Alice Fitwarren, a beautiful LondonerNiki Kirk
Alderman Henry Fitzwarren, Alice’s fatherPaul Sharman
Miss Funnypenny, Fitzwarren’s financial secretary – Steph White
Sarah Stewpot, cook to the Fitzwarrens Andrew Key
Idle Jack, Sarah’s sonJay Andrews 
Miss Gertrude Fitzwarren, Henry’s sister and local school mistressHelen Gordon
On Board the Queen Camilla…
Captain Horatio Plunger, captain of the Queen CamillaStuart Wyle
Bill Boggs, first mate  – Alwyn Kirk
Mr Grogmaster (Poopdeck Pete), the bosunCharlie Russell
Dr Molly McFilthy, the ship’s surgeon – Phyl Redpath
Able Seaman Ned Flounder (Toothless Ned) – Kate Sydney
Able Seawomen Elizabeth Blackwater (Busty Bess)  – Anita Spring
On Napoodle Island…
Mrs Whinge,
a local busybody – Linda Wills
The Emperor 
– Charlie Russell
Guard One
 – John Drury
Guard Two – Terry Leighton

Junior Chorus

Team A
Sarah Mitchell, Hannah Berry, Matthew Waldeck, Siobhan Peake, Lottie Berry, Jared Ramsden, Elena Wilson, Tilly Wyatt, Liam Smith, Matthew Grubb, Joe Butler & Luke Grubb.

Team B
Oliva Turpin, Milly Mason, Ashley Collin, Laura Parke, Amy Larrad, Curtis Key, Katie Key, Niamh Williams, Oliver Todd, Ryan Osborne, Jessica Jackson & Grace Hayler.

Crew List…

Director  – Andrew Key
Assistant Director – Kei Bailey
Musical Director – Alwyn Kirk
Thyming Couplets – Jo Marriott
Stage Manager – Helen Hill
Wardrobe Mistress – Ann Grimshaw
Make-up – Anita Spring
Lighting & Sound Design – Alec Hill
Lighting & Sound Technicians – Iain Bradbury, Len Bridge & Alec Hill
Scenic Design – Helen Hill
Scenic Artist/ Set Build – Helen Hill, Gail Punchard, Clive Musson & David Nichols
Deputy Stage Manager – Clive Musson
Assistant Stage Managers – Ashley Collin & Matthew Waldeck
Props – Phyl Redpath
Programme Design – Stuart Wyle
Photography – John Silkstone
Front of House Manager – Jo Keightley
Front of House – Jo Keightley, Julia Sharman, Ali Aylward & Kei Bailey
Box Office – Jo Keightley & Tina Silkstone
Prompt – Jo Keightley

Some photos from the show…

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