Robin Hood & the Babes in the Wood (Pantomime) – January 2018

Robin & the Babes in the Wood by Kei Bailey

Heckington Players 2018 pantomime is Robin Hood & the Babes in the Wood written by Kei Bailey.

When their parents die, a young brother and sister called Hansel and Gretel are entrusted into the care of a distant relative, the Sheriff of Nottingham; an unscrupulous man eager to acquire the fortune left to the children that will pass to him if they should die. With this in mind, he arranges for Hansel and Gretel to be taken deep into the heart of Sherwood Forest to be left for the wolves. However, in an attempt to rescue the children, their nursemaid, Nanny Mangle, enlists the help of Robin Hood and his Merry Men to search and scour the forest they know so well. They are soon in hot pursuit but it is a race against time as Hansel and Gretel stumble upon a Gingerbread Cottage that holds dark secrets of its own . . .


See what NODA thought of our show by visiting the Show Review Here.

Cast List 

Robin Hood – Amanda Rivers
Maid Marion – Rachel Rowett
Little John – Dan Poulson
Friar Tuck –  Matthew Brown
Will Scarlet – Matthew Coupland
Sheriff  – Stuart Wyle
Nanny –   Kei Bailey
Clara – Chelsey Barlow
Hernia Septic –  Joanne Moules
Weasel – Aaron Pettican
Fairy May – Mel Priestley
Caramella – Kim Sands
Sherbet the crow – Kate Sydney
Gretel Laurel Mountain & Aiste Pranskeviciute
Hansel – Harley Mills & Isabel Cottrell

Junior Chorus 

Team Bows

Amelia Barlow, Rebecca Bell-McTiernan, Ruby Borchardt, Emily Collins, Alice Constantine, Cara Gray, Ruby Griffiths, Frank Griffiths, Anneli Mountain and Holly Walker.

Team Arrows

Rhiannon Clarkson, Grace Doughty, Jessica Green eld, Molly Graveling, Yasemin Kussan, Evie Lonsdale, Natasha Priestley, Regan Skinner, Megan Smith and Bethan Whiteman.


Writer – Kei Bailey
Director – Jo Warrick
Choreographer – Debbie Savage
Producer – Mark Elsom
Lighting – Malcolm Billings
Sound – Mark Elsom
Stage Manager – Amy Ash
Stage Crew – Godfrey Barlow, Jo Cheyne, Paige Ruddlesdin, Callum Thomas and Matilda Wyatt
Scenic Painting – Amy Ash, Clare Brown, Jo Warrick and Diane Wheildon
Set Construction – Len Bridge, Mac Mclean, David Nickols and Malcolm Spring
Props Mistress – Matilda Wyatt
Bow’s Supplied by Pilgrim Bowmen of Boston
Cast Costumes:
Costumes provided by Molly Limpet’s Theatrical Emporium Ltd, Unit 2 Barmouth Court, Barmouth Road, She eld, S7 2DH. (0114) 2500851
Dame’s Costumes:
Supplied and created by Maryjane Watson, James Watson, Ann Grimshaw,
and JS Costumes.
Additional costumes sourced and provided by:
Chelsey Barlow and Jane Bamford
Junior Costumes sourced and provided by:
Paula Barlow, Helen Gordon, Debbie Savage, Robyn Snow and Rowena Willamson.

Make up – Katie Calo
Dame’s Dresser – Katie Calo
Youth Theatre Director – Kei Bailey
Youth Theatre Coordinater – Helen Gordon

Chaperones – Paula Barlow and Callum Thursby

Poster & Programme Design – Callum Thursby
Box Office Managers – Chelsey and Godfrey Barlow

Front of House Manager – Niki Thompson

Also thanks must go to all of our amazing front of house sta and to everyone else who has helped put this amazing pantomime together.

Some photos from the show…

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Here is the promo video we created for the Show… 


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