The Frog Prince (Pantomime) – February 2014

The Frog Prince by By Kei Bailey

Heckington Players 2014 pantomime was The Frog Prince written by Kei Bailey.

*Synopsis Coming soon*

Cast List…

King Montgomery, ruler of the Kingdom of Aching, has reigned for 60 yearsSimon Needham
Princess Angelica, his youngest and most spoiled daughter, eager to marryJen Ruston
Prince Justin, a prospective suitor for Angelica from the Kingdon of Flimflam Mark Spelman
Repugna Cold Finger, an elderly and somewhat evil witch Kelly Anderson
Hogbog, a troll-pig hybrid, Repugna’s loyal servant and familiarKate Sydney
Dotty Trotter, Proprietor of Dot’s Diner & leader of the Belly BustersOliver Guilliatt
Jimmy Jamma, Dame Dotty’s nephew and chef at Dot’s Diner – Christian Slingsby
April Showers, Jimmy’s best friend and waitress at Dot’s DinerMel Priestley
Cordelia Glitch, Manager of rival restaurant, Cordelia’sSteve Spencer
Fairy Dewdrop, a kind-hearted woodland nymph in Fangthron ForestHelen Gordon
Stretch Pilates, an extream fitness instructorStuart Wyle
Townsfolk and members of local diet group, the Belly Busters:
Mr Belcher, the shoe shop ownerMatt Brown
Miss Sternly, the school mistressSteph Leighton
Trisha Fisher, the hairdresserRachel McDonald
Mrs Rummage, the sweet shop ownerNiki Kirk

Junior Chorus

Team Lily Pads
Paige Ruddlesdin, Hannah Smith, Matilda Wyatt, Charlotte Couzens, Jack Smith, Joshua Brett, Stan Wyatt, Jessica Goodley, Isabel Cottrell, Tasmisha Newell.

Team Bulrushes
Francesca Wilson, Libbie Savage, Madelyn Darley, Callum Smith, Joseph Key, George Phillips, Abi Dowding, Lauren Griffen, Rebecca Bell – McTiernan, Lucy Bell.

Crew List…

Writer & Co-director – Kei Bailey
Co-director – Kate Sydney
Choreographer – Debbie Savage
Stage Manager – Ashley Nichols-Collin
Set Design – Mary Newman
Scenic Artist – Mary Newman & Heckington Art Group
Costume – Elaine Marchall
Lighting – Malcolm Billing
Sound – Mark Elsom
Props – Kate Sydney, Nicole Moore, Kelly Anderson, linda Wills & Pia Antoinette-Weston
Backstage Crew – Stuart Wyle, Liam Smith & Geoff Stead
Set Construction – Geoff Stead, David Nichols, Mac Mclean & Len Bridge
Production Assistant – Jackie Taylor
Front of House Manager – Jo Keightley
Front of House Team – Tina Silkstone, Jo Marriott, Margaret Pye, Paul Sharman, Jackie Taylor & Jenny Stead
Box Office – Jo Keightley & Tina Silkstone
Raffle – Julia Sharman & Ann Grimshaw
Bar Manager – John Drury
Bar Staff – John Drury, Paul Sharman & Mac McLean
Junior Chorus Supervisor – Helen Gordan
Chaperones – Jo Nichols, Jackie Taylor & Kate Sydney
Photography – Neil Watson
Filming – Simon Harris

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